Textiles, Design, Illustration…  I decided to describe my work with those 3 words. They have formed me as a profesional, a communicator and as a person. They have been always part of my life and I have always come back to them.

As most kids do, I loved to draw. I did it every time I could and have never stop. If I have an thought, I would draw it, it is a technique to quickly note down an idea but became a goal in itself. Illustration is a passion to enjoy, children books, cards, prints, packaging, everything looks special with an illustration.

My work with textiles started of curiosity of building something with my hands. Illustration allowed me to create a complete landscape, a dream, a fantasy, but the crafts I learned let me build something tangible and  to have different materials; that’s how I begun to make small dolls, clothes, or make illustrations with textiles techniques, it allows me also to go in a 3 dimensional and tactile level.

Design was something that came as a formal step of a career, not knowing that I have been making  it since I created my first bag or hand-puppet theater, it puts everything together and brands it.

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Johanna Vargas Sanchez

Originally from Costa Rica, she lives and works in Germany.

Always been passionated about children illustration, textiles and toys, obtained in 2006 a Bachelor of Arts and Visual Comunication and in 2009 an International Master of Integrated Design.


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